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a presidential thought to progress on syria's chemical. sad to discuss the elimination of. ongoing conflict and the prospects to end it. and it's hard to tell right now exactly how long will be down here doing this mission easy to promise but hard to deliver the closure of guantanamo is as elusive as ever as it is up twelve years as a terror reports from inside on the future it may face. and even on the take britain. to prop up a rocky outcrop expensive home in the dark about who gets it and also the. rest of the outskirts of moscow police have been counting down on illegal
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immigration every friday they go one way of accommodation places of looking for illegal immigrants it's friday morning and we go in with the police on one of those rights. from a studio this is with international news and comment russia's president has praised the corporation between syrian authorities and the chemical weapons watchdog in a phone conversation with the syrian leader that amir putin became the first head of a un security council member state in years to personally talk to bashar assad. who has reported from the water own country several times earlier explained the significance of the phone call. this is very significant in terms of of course from russia and from the u.n. security council to show support for all the mission that the syrian authorities
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are now undertaking to end the crisis in the country and mostly focused on the chemical arsenal of syria the demolition of the chemical weapons of syria but also another important topic was the geneva two peace talks that despite some skepticism is considered by many as an important and crucial to the we saw when peacefully the track to the crisis in syria as they say it takes two to tango and this is where the main obstacle in solving the syrian crisis lies and has been lined since the since the conflict started because syrian opposition has repeatedly rejected any dialogue with the syrian current authorities with president assad personally saying that they will never talk to him and they will never come back to dialogue. to he goes and. bashar assad easily determine the president of
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syria is too so it is quite. bad luck right now so we actually heard some opposition factions saying that they are now ready but i've been to syria many times including held rebel held territories and i've seen that the opposition is very much divided and sometimes fractions that are fighting president bashar assad in syria are not doing connected to each other they don't even know about a child is so it's like even if we're hearing from one fraction but. now ready it doesn't necessarily mean unfortunately that all their position all the forces are now ready for dialogue and this is why it's quite difficult at this time to talk about any peace between the warring sides. they held key positions in the world's biggest military and they want to guantanamo prison closed thirty eight of the united states' most respected retired generals and admirals want the senate to
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take immediate steps despite pressure and promises the jail still reach its twelfth anniversary punctuated by torture and hunger strikes along the way where almost eight hundred inmates have gone through quantum oh but only seven have been tried and convicted washington says the rest are too dangerous to release but analysts say the evidence against them is speculative both congress and the president blame each other for not closing it even though barack obama has full authority to shut it and it's not cheap keeping one in may cost an astounding two and a half million dollars a year roughly one hundred times more than the average mainland prisoner then there are the human stories including a canadian who has spent almost half his life locked up since he was just fifteen and there was this year's massive hunger strike by two thirds of inmates which source several being force fed and the man it described as torture by international groups in a study of chicken reports on the detention centers feature. when
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it comes to this prison the numbers speak for themselves since being set up after the attacks of nine eleven a total of seven hundred seventy nine hundred have been held at guantanamo today one hundred sixty four people remain over half of them have been long cleared for release but remain locked up a total of six people is currently under trial alleged prisoners of war brought here since two thousand and two removed from the battlefield of america's ever expanding war on terror it's both the policy of the u.s. not to hold anyone longer than necessary but we also know that whenever we release someone we assume a richness over a period of more than a decade the majority of detainees held here have been set free and if the men of guantanamo are really these superhuman monsters you know the worst of the worst quote dick cheney. they would have been. most of those still kept locked up have
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not been charged and are being held indefinitely what sort of a black hole of a limbo a weak system where the president of the united states simply refuses to say the innocent but u.s. officials say the law of war remains behind this barbed wire the idea that in a war when you capture folks you as the capturing authority are permitted to hold people during the duration of hostilities. when hostilities and or if there's no longer any purpose legitimate purpose to to hold them then they must be released a tiny problem the war on terror has no geographic borders with men once held here repeat treated to a wide array of countries. who are only specific to guantanamo you called even you couldn't even go on top of the case on the u.s. mainland because it would be unconstitutional and illegal the war on terror also has no end in sight and national security is a popular excuse to simply ignore the law. this by the rhetoric really isn't about
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national security or prisoners being so dangerous that they can't possibly be released and that can't be true after being locked up the legal process if any moves at a glacial pace in two thousand and twelve five detainees were transferred to had completed their military commission sentence two were court ordered released. detainees been repatriated and one was a suicide over the years countless detainee claims of mistreatment and abuse dozens of suicide attempts mass hunger strikes lost patience and holding just this year the majority of the prison population refused to eat for six months straight only to be force fed the. mandate that we have is being able to provide adequate nutrition to preserve life washington has appointed a new envoy to close a camp that is a dark spot on america's image this comes after a mass hunger strike that returned the world's attention to the place that some
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have dubbed the gulag of our times even the close it seems. to mean a state in u.s. history forever it's very easy to end one ton of. you release the men that you're not prosecuting. and as you said only six men are being prosecuted right now the military prosecutor has made clear that he intends to prosecute a few more but he's also made clear that it won't be more than a few more direct obama promised to close the notorious facility on day one of his presidency he's now in his second term it's only a president who can do it and the idea that it's you know that it's congress's fault is just not correct it is the president the top holding these men in detention some the president has to come in and this. it's hard to tell right now exactly how long we'll be down here doing this mission. her.
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or her and stacy church and artsy guantanamo bay cuba. more than half of guantanamo prisoners a yemeni nationals and for them released from the prison may not mean the end of their misfortunes the u.s. and yemen are discussing plans to build a new center to house inmates after their release and it's already been labeled as guantanamo too well our correspondent lisa kavanagh has just returned from yemen where she met relatives of some of the detainees and she shared her experiences with me. it's difficult to stay positive about these detainees coming home when you've been waiting us long as over a decade as was the case with some of the families who we've met now yemen is in a specific different situation for a variety of reasons than other countries more than half of the remaining detainees are get many citizens fifty six of them have been cleared for release to get sent back from guantanamo not a single one has come home and in fact the last citizen to return to the country came home in
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a body bag and twenty twelve and that is the fate that some of the families that we met with worry could be in store for for some of their loved ones one of the fathers that we met said that his son told them everything was going well and then basically found out through news reports that his son was participating in quite ill from the hunger strike which we have covered here at our interest me enough there were reports of a similar detention center being set up in yemen do you read into that right so basically they get a government has been pushing for years now for a so-called rehabilitation facility which would basically take these detainees help them adjust to society and make sure that they don't rejoin with terrorist networks which is the main concern of the united states what we're learning now is that the united states and yemen actually had secret talks in rome about this proposed facility but there's very little details that have emerged and the issue really boils down to trust and money yemen has tried to use this as a political issue to get more funding from the united states in the past so the u.s. isn't necessarily willing to foot the bill actually the funding issue something that
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we spoke to with yemen's human rights minister his cost of money we want. to integrate into society to. give. the i'm sure that they have this feeling any order here the yemeni government because they have the feeling that we neglected them since a long long time and just briefly it's perhaps at guantanamo could actually be closed i absolutely would not read into about it at all or u.s. official. the key concern isn't the difficulty of reintegrating these former detainees in society it's the concern that these detainees will reintegrate into al qaeda networks and it's not a completely not valid one we have to remember that al qaeda in the arabian peninsula was founded by former guantanamo detainees so it's certainly a valid concern this is going to be such a long way off i mean if we waited this long for it to close unfortunately i don't think it's going to be sped up just because of this idea. life
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inside guantanamo as well as more interviews with former prisoners and in-depth coverage of the international pressure to close the facility. in britain you will never fall from feeling a tap on the shoulder from the but not everywhere. jurisdiction gets forced to the crown's coffers in fact to be quite the opposite to. such a place have you ever heard of care. ok now. not ever heard of pitcairn. island or yes. i think of the pacific so why. do you know that part of your taxes go to that island . have you ever heard of pitcairn. if you've never heard of pitcairn and you're an e.u. citizen it might be well worth knowing for that's where part of your taxes are
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going. as one of britain's overseas territories a small island in the south pacific with a total population of about fifty people now locals don't pay taxes of the island's main source of income include tourism and postage stamps but it's still heavily reliant on british and e.u. eight well let's break down the numbers here in the ninth european development fund or e.t.f. received two million euros in eight allocated for infrastructure building in the tempi v.f.p. it can receive two point four million that's tough a. total of four point four million in thirteen years about six thousand eight hundred euros per person per year but that's not all earlier this year it emerged that the u.k. had sent about ten million pounds over four years to proponents of development aid reiterate the importance of maintaining quote solidarity and peace in developing nations and the european commission has indicated its attention to strengthen the focus of the e.t.f. on the world's poorest countries but details are scarce on how that assessment and
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allocation will be done but critics in the e.u. and particularly in the u.k. have long been voicing their disapproval on the government's money management which is essentially protecting what's given to others while slashing budgets for those at home now a two thousand and twelve you gov survey says that fifty four percent of the british public think that the british government should not be giving very much overseas eight regardless of what public opinion surveys say for now the status quo remains in place reporting from london i'm tesser cilia. british euro m.p. godfrey bloom told us what he thinks lies behind these shadowy spending it's all about politics geopolitics influence money but who's actually getting this who's dealing here who's the big that there's no will trail they really seem to know what's going on nobody knows why the money goes there and it's absolutely a national it's a national disgrace it's
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a european national disgrace but of course what they're doing is buying influence if you go down to those french polynesia and islands and you could buy the entire town council for a few hundred euros and then you could rate their fishing waters and i think you'll find this is what it's all about. they took the program here on r.t. opium. has been a dramatic surge in production of opium in afghanistan this year with almost a decade of fruitless international efforts to stop the drugs lethal spread. if you. know opportunity. to start to construct your own. don't want to meet gangsters you don't want to be. they don't want to blow the time
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but he came to be we can see. you just me so i was and i was in the hood. and said. i don't want to die i just really do not want to die young. three attacks targeting shiite worshipers in eastern iraq have left at least forty one people dead the blast took place during events to mark assure of the most
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important day in the shiite muslim calendar more than seven thousand people have been killed by insurgents in the country this year a political refugee from saddam hussein's regime has told us that iraq is reaping the fruits of america's divide and conquer policy used during its occupation. the united states wanted to separate all the iraqi forces and to play on sectarian divisions and sneak divisions exasperating and natural differences elevating them and trying to muster g m clashes but there is also this presence of the terrorist organizations which which is in an atmosphere of conflict between these political organizations and groups represented within the government. is not only iraq feeling the legacy of united states interfering there being bumper crops for afghanistan's farmers but that is bad news opium cultivation has hit record numbers
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meaning huge profits for local warlords and hundreds more lives destroyed by the drug well the latest un report says the poppy production has risen in some regions by more than a third this year with thousands of tons of opium and nearly afghanistan provides ninety percent of the drugs total global production for the farmers it is a lifeline the only realistic chance for their families to earn a living wage traditional agriculture just doesn't pay in the war ravaged state we're gonna teach can look at the roots of the problem. opium production has increased forty times in afghanistan since nato started its war on terror in two thousand and one and now the drug money goes to fund terror and god knows what else not to mention of course thousands of lives taken by heroin consumption every year but expect more drugs coming out of afghanistan because the value of opium is so much higher than any other crop available to afghan farmers that afghans are not planning on giving up on poppies anytime soon even though the tribal leaders in the
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afghan government publicly denounce opium production according to afghan farmers they still manage to packs them for them and this is what one farmer said government officials grow opium themselves and if they don't grow it themselves they rent out their land to farmers who grow it if the officials don't care about the law there is no reason for us to respect it that's according to this farmer for more than a decade nato and the us of course of the government that it had put in place in kabul every fuse to impose a clear ban on poppy growing possibly thinking such a ban would turn more people against the u.s. but here's how u.s. officials explain it this is just trying to eradicate property and the opium it's also trying to give people an alternative mechanism to live and to feed their families but there is so much money behind narcotics that even with alternative ways to make a living it's very difficult to imagine that such massive drug production will stop
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unless there is a clear cut ban on it in washington i'm going to check on. america's impact on the drug trade in afghanistan and who's profiting from it well that's being discussed in today's breaking the set and you can watch the full show on web site right now dot com. coming up oil companies and private military contractors made a killing off the occupation big pharma which collectively lobbies over two hundred fifty million dollars. annually to congress needs opium latex to manufacture drugs for this pill happy nation don't forget about the best. see trillions in black market sales are being funneled through banks and this money is got to come out clean on the other side. breaking the communal way throughout the day here on t.v. and of course on our website r.t. dot com the whereabouts of one of the jailed pussy riot punk band members has
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finally been established after weeks of uncertainty and then. turned up in a hospital in siberia where she was transferred from a penal colony if this were say she was hospitalized as part of a standard medical florentine after being transferred to another prison she and another member were convicted of hooliganism motivated by religious hatred after staging a performance at moscow's christ the savior cathedral she's serving a two year sentence and is due for release next march. the pope is taking on the godfather in a corruption crusade but one investigator warns the pontiff could be in danger as he tries to clean up the catholic church that story right now at r.t. dot com. and even the member countries have been watching the pennies would tell you how the alliance is still managed to find a billion dollars to build a new headquarters.
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it's a. pleasure to have you with us here today. a low awaited nuclear deal with iran could have been struck last week if it wasn't for the last minute amendments to the u.s. proposal that iran had already agreed to the details on why the latest round of talks brought no results came from russia's foreign minister as all sides are quite themselves with the amendments there's a danger in the negotiations could be further derailed if washington imposes new sanctions on iran a bomb ministration has warned congress against such
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a move saying new penalties would jeopardize a peaceful resolution on iran's nuclear crisis middle east political analysts. explains why. bronner's provided a golden opportunity for. the global community to come around the table and now to an agreement about introducing new sanctions at the same time that they are inviting for that in negotiations is quite counterproductive and. the confidence of it really needs. to continue the negotiations and the only thing iran is trying to achieve is kind of for a go commission by five plus one about legal enrichment and having rights for peaceful nuclear technology. u.s. lawmakers are not the only ones that could jeopardize a possible deal and a couple of hours from now xander looks at israel. the reason for small between
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iran and the united states may potentially put to rest one of the most talk sick and that is in more than geopolitics a possibility that would arguably benefit many peace loving nations many but not israel a country that seems to be increasingly cost the living under what it calls an existential threat why is the specter of war sweeter than the chance of peace. time now for some more news from around the world in a world of typhoon haiyan is now known to have claimed over two thousand three hundred lives in the philippines significantly less than previously thought despite home president today from neighboring countries many victims remain couple from food and water supplies as many as eleven million people may have been affected by one of the worst ever storms recorded which hit the city of tacloban last week. police have been deployed in bahrain to disperse
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a procession commemorating the muslim festival of assura images of tear gas killing in the air have emerged on social media security forces also reported to use shotguns to disperse the crowd which was thought to be infiltrated by anti government protesters. and a protest over pay for clothes workers in bangladesh has turned violent police deployed to disperse crowds more than two hundred fifty garment factories which have been closed in the speech reopened on thursday the owners agreed to pay sixty eight dollars a month and british clothes workers supplies some of the world's biggest chains and a multi-billion dollar industry yet the country has some of the worst wages in asia . also the world update this hour french students have located their schools in protest against the deportation of their roma classmates as the protest in the streets with rubbish but. with deportation the thought of the. print police took a fifteen year old girl a school bus the center packed close of them with family. that to
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bring up today for the moment i'll be back with a news team with more health and often i mean timex and stacy in the new trade agreements that have. corporate openings. you know i love these rare moments where action of something fairly sounds positive to share with you the f.d.a. is working to ban partially hydrogenated oils which are the leading source of trance fats and foods and possibly the cause of up to twenty thousand heart attacks per year across the usa according to f.d.a. commissioner margaret hamburg as you know i would like the chemicals in my food kept to a minimum but the thing is the people at the f.d.a. are surely aware of all the hormones and beef and gitmo is being produced why does
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the span of such a very narrow narrow focus in fact when you look at all the things that americans consume smoke use that to swear health some get the violent band hammer while others are completely tolerated if you ever talk to hardcore marijuana smoker they'll tell. but dude we does better for you than beer and that's the eagle man and they kind of have a point i think there is this is one of those rare instances where a balance position isn't really a good idea well the country could go the libertarian route and let it be everything be legal let people make their own choices or do what i think would be much much better actually really bad all the things that are destructive to our health both of these paths have positive and negative effects but they are a lot better than our current plan of banned some harmful things for some reason and a lot other harmful things because well they lobby better but that's just my opinion .
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league. believe. the elite. party dot com is launching a special project to mark the appalling scale of violence in iraq least we want you to know. i am x. kaiser welcome to the kaiser report. there's a war on for a piece of the mud pie yes the government is doling out some maggot infested pieces of mud pie benefit slop and the peasant voters are beating each other up trying to
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grab a slice or two and if that fails then they try to deprive their neighbor of his unfair piece of the mud pie but while tax revolt austerity riots capture the public's imagination in secret back rooms in europe america trade deals are currently being negotiated which will impose a so-called investor state upon us all divorced and immune to the wants the needs the demands of these pesky mud pie eating boat loving citizen peasants the new investor state is technically infallible for a few you there you go mud pie right now feel the investor state has done anything wrong your quaint little nation state gets sued and tried in a tribunals in which the.


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